8 August 2012


Need to announce an important news!

I would not use this blog anymore.
I have changed to another blog but still blogspot. I'm a blogspot supporter anyway xddd

Here is my new blog link:

3 August 2012


It's been a long time since my last post on the last day of March. Curious about what I've done in these four months? AH HUH..nothing special but what I can say is I've learned a lot. I learned to be confident, to face the truth and to not believe in everyone cause you will never know whether they are telling the truth. I'm still learning now.

As you all can see, I have changed my blogskin to simple white. I like simple thingy but life isn't simple, right? Back to the topic, I would like to share some photos that taken during last 4 months. It's all about my F O R E T I M E.

4th May 2012, Friday

My birthday celebration with friends @Fullhouse, Sunway Giza.

It's so so nice but I forgot what flavor is it. Chocolate banana(?)

After that, we had 2nd round at THE BEER FACTORY.

Thank you to you guys! I appreciate what you all have done! :D

6th May 2012, Sunday - Birthday treats @ La Casa, DPC with Sis Yvette.

4th June 2012, Monday - Korea Chocolate Caramel candy @ Genting Highland.

6th June 2012, Wednesday - My favourite Chocolate Cookie Crumble @Starbucks, The Gardens Mall.

23rd June 2012, Saturday - Jayesslee live in KL!

23rd June 2012, Saturday - The awesome opening act singing Rolling in the Deep.

30th June 2012, Saturday - Chill time @Sunway Giza.

1st July 2012, Sunday - Had hair cut @number76, Midvalley.

10th July 2012, Tuesday - My first hamper during lucky draw at school.

14th July 2012, Saturday - First time to try Blue Lagoon @FITOU, DPC.

25th July 2012, Wednesday - My first pair of BIRKENSTOCK!!!

That's all for this post. Will update about food post soon :)

31 March 2012

120314~120315 Genting Trip

안녕하세요!! Finally I'm back! I was so so so busy before that's why I didn't update my blog. So here I am *teehee* 
A shocking news will be announced later. I'll blog about my Genting trip with friends on March Holidays first.

This time was totally different from the last year we went to Genting Highland. It's because we just started planned it on the three days before the trip! Last time, we had planned it for almost 2 weeks before the trip. And also the playfellow was different from last time too. 

The boys gang: Ric Wze, Ralph Lau, Wilson Ting, Ng Jeff, Jia Wei, Wei Keat

Our gang: Su Li, Yong En, Liu and Me

29 February 2012

Cute little stuffs from KOREA

It's been awhile since my last time update blog due to my laziness and busy school life.
I'm almost doing the same things everyday. Hmm..is this what we called high-school-life? Kinda boring.

So here I am. Take a break and blogging.
It's 29th February today which only happens once in 4 years, such a special day!
Happy Birthday to those who is born on today. You are so special ;DD

Back to the topic. Boyf''s aunt traveled to Korea and brought some cute little stuffs from Korea for me.
Lets see what it is.

It's MACARON Lip Balm and Cherry Lip Balm.
The MACARON Lip Balm was bought from It's skin and the Cherry Lip Balm was bought from TONY MOLY.

I'm so in love with this cute cherry lip balm. It's smell good and the colour so nice.

I've used a little. Normally I use it while going out.

This Macoron Lip Balm is not bad too. It's grape flavour but colourless.
I usually apply it before I'm going to sleep at night.

Thanks to boyf's aunt for the souvenir! 정말 감사합니다~~
Gonna go to dental clinic tomorrow. Woots~ excited!!!

14 February 2012

Be My Valentine.

親手拾的相思豆 送給他。
我還是比較喜歡親手做東西 因為我可能想了一整天也不知道要買什麽送給他。

其實對我們來說,如果每天都過得很開心 那麼Everyday is Valentine's Day.
不要只在情人節才對你的他(她)特別好 而是每一天都要好好地對待及珍惜Ta。
偶爾給Ta小驚喜 不需要貴重的禮物 其實只需要幾句肺腑之言。


情人節過了,我們的三周年也快到了 =)

Happy Valentine's Day! :D

5 February 2012

Shopping Spree @ETUDE HOUSE

4 February 2012, Sunday
Su Li told us that there was 40% storewide discount at ETUDE HOUSE, Pavilion yesterday(one day ONLY) because of Pavilion shopping mall's 4th anniversary celebration. For us, we would never want to miss this rare opportunity!! Therefore, Su Li, Yong En, Boyf and me, 3 girls and 1 boy, rushed to Pavilion yesterday.
We were crazy, and we knew it xddd!!

We took taxi to there but unfortunately we met an impatient taxi driver =(. He took us to Pavilion by Jalan Puduraya and there was traffic jam and made us late. What made us feel annoyed?  He kept pressing the horn while the car in front of him didn't move forward. He stopped at McD there and called us to walk to Pavilion by ourselves and still wanted to cost us RM30!! It's just RM20 when we went to Pavilion by taxi last time. Brave Yong En argued with him and he cost us RM28 at last, such a ~!@#$%^ taxi driver-.-

Okay, back to the topic.

A big dragon decoration @Pavilion!

And there was a movie event "The Wedding Diary" too.

First and foremost, shopped at ETUDE HOUSE!! Fortunately there was no crowded people that I imagined. I bought 1 Hand Bouquet Rich Butter Hand&Heel Cream, 1 Fresh Nail Wash, 1 Hand Bouquet Foot Mask and 1 Cat Tweezers. The total amount was RM30.40 and I got one free SHINee folder!! ;D

The Hand Bouquet Rich Butter Foot Mask was worth to buy because its original price was RM12.90 but it was just RM3 per mask because of promotion. I've regretted because I just bought one only, I should buy a few more.

This cat tweezers neomu kyeobda!!!! Isn't it?

Su Li and Yong En were crazy shopping at there. Look at how many they bought.

After that, we had our lunch at KFC. Boyf and I ordered 6 buns and 2 large mashed potato =P. We chatted at there for so long time since we had no idea where to go. 

The free sample that we grabbed from ETUDE HOUSE! I just grabbed three BB Creams.
Left: Mine, Middle: Yong En's, Right: Su Li's.

He helped us to take the bags. =)

While waiting for boyf's kai ye to fetch us back home, Yong En took some photos for me.

The blowing wind made my blouse became like that and made me looked fat -.-


random shot.

Outfit of the day: white blouse and long jeans.

That's all for this post. I have to go for tuition later. Bye~~

Conclusion of the day: Beauty takes a lot of money.

3 February 2012

Dragon Year!

Heyyyy. How was your CNY?  As you all know, Chinese New Year is the most important of the traditional Chinese holidays. During Chinese New Year, Chinese will be having family gathering, visiting friends and relatives and giving red angpau.

The First day of CNY.
My sis Yvette and I went to visit her kai ye who live in Selangor. This was our first time to go to his new house since he moved house.

Outfit of the day.

LOL. With my sis's Coach sunglasses.

At night, we had our dinner with my aunt's family.

The Second, Third, Forth Day and Fifth Day.
We went back to my grandmother's house which located at Tanjung Tualang, Perak for 5days 4nights. I love my granny's house so much though there was no Wifi connection but I could enjoy the time together with my family and relatives. We took many photos during these days. 

My aunt's doggie, called BOBO.

She made me miss my Lexter so much!

A selca of my outfit.

Sis Yvette and me.
Had dinner with relatives at night.

With our shyyy cousin brother.

With my cousin sisters.

With cousin sister again!


a memories wall at my granny's house.

Took selca before going back to KL.

Sis Yvette and me.

The Sixth Day.
Overnight at Xuan's house for gambling. Superrr tired but happy xdd

The Ninth Day.
Skipped school and went to Yong En's house early in the morning. This was my first visit to her house cause her house is quite far from my house.

Same activity again = GAMBLING!

Leopard print is loveee.

I was so lucky that day!

It's BIG BANG at the door!

Also, we took some funny photos hahah! It's a fun day with them. 
Aikz... CNY is going to end and my 1st INTERVENTION is just around the corner.
How? What can I do?  study..........

Never give up!